NC State Defense Forces Assists State Citizens Learning How To Protect Elections

NC State Defense Force Volunteers Help With the Voter Integrity Project Bootcamp

NC State Defense Force Volunteers Help Voter Integrity Project
On Saturday, April 24, 2021, Jay DeLancy, Project Director for the Voter Integrity Project hosted an all-day boot camp for concerned citizens in the western part of North Carolina at the Smoky Mountain Event Center.
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Equipping Citizens to Win the Ongoing Battle for Election Integrity

Mr. DeLancy brought in an all-star cast of experts to shed light on election issues including voter fraud detection and auditing, attempts to characterize voter integrity and election integrity as racist or attempting to disenfranchise voters and much more. 
Speakers included Heather Ford, Esq., Hans von Spakovsky from Heritage Foundation, Melody Clarke from Heritage Action for America and Scott Walter of Capital Research Center. 
Sponsors included North Carolina State Defense Force, Asheville Tea PAC, Liberty First Grassroots and NC Judicial and NCSDF volunteers were on hand assisting with the event security. 
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“By calling it a ‘bootcamp,’ we hope people get the message that we’re training those who want to pull up their sleeves and do the hard work of preventing election theft,” said Jay DeLancy, Founder and Director of Voter Integrity Project. “There will be no wine and cheese served and we expect attendees to bring their laptops.”

Training NC Citizens How to Detect Ilegal Voting Practices

Part of the training involves the use of VIP’s database tools that’s designed to help detect illegal voters in advance of the election.

“Anybody who thinks they can wait until after an election to start rooting out illegal voters doesn’t realize how the system really works,” DeLancy said. “It’s still possible, but it’s also highly improbable.”

The groups trained and deployed teams last November to investigate same-day registration (SDR) voters and had to modify their approach after getting some incredible explanations from residents whose addresses were being used in the process.

“We’re also excited to offer our first-ever, training on campaign finance forensics, being led by Heather Ford, a former campaign finance attorney at the State Board of Elections,” DeLancy said. “She left under the Bartlett regime and went into private practice helping candidates to comply with that area of the law.”

Ms. Ford taught the investigative side of the equation at the bootcamp, so that more people can dig into public campaign finance records and hold more politicians accountable.

“The only group we’ve ever seen doing this type of campaign finance investigations is Democracy NC and they’ve done a pretty good job,” said DeLancy. “We just think it’s time they had some competition.”

The April 24 event in Waynesville (30 minutes west of Asheville) targeted active and concerned citizens in the western part of North Carolina.

New Voter Integrity Project Bootcamps Planned

DeLancy says plans are already underway to host another bootcamps in the Raleigh-Durham area, but conversations are already underway to hose the training in other parts of the state including a new one in King, NC on June 12, 2021.

Voter Integrity Project’s June 12 bootcamp in King, NC will feature more voter fraud mitigation tactics and fewer speeches than the group’s earlier Waynesville training, according to VIP’s Director, Jay DeLancy.

“The physical limitations caused by the previous venue, made the season’s first bootcamp a lot less interactive than we had envisioned,” he said, “but moving forward, we’ve corrected that problem.”

The six-hour immersion course features three hands-on blocks of instruction. One comes from campaign finance attorney Heather Ford, who served as President Trump’s Election Day Operations (EDO) Director during the 2020 election.

Two other sections will be taught by DeLancy, whose organization has developed web tools that both identify voters who no longer live at their registration address and guide investigators in collecting valuable evidence.

The final block of hands-on instruction will help students become more confident in their ability to detect forged signatures on ballot conveyance forms, like the “Authorization-to-Vote cards” (or A-T-V’s), used during early voting, provisional ballot envelopes, and absentee by-mail ballot envelopes.

“Several team members received about an hour of instruction from a seasoned Medicaid fraud investigator, who had retired from the SBI,” said DeLancy. “He then coached us as we inspected scores of problematic ballot documents. The upcoming training builds upon that experience and other material.”

The overall training is designed to empower concerned citizens in the prevention, detection, and documentation of voter fraud.

“As we first did in 2012, lots of groups dig up the kind of data that generates big headlines,” said DeLancy, “but our interest is in generating criminal referrals and a growing number of District Attorneys have enjoyed the fruits of our labor.”

Save Our Elections

About North Carolina State Defense Forces

Authorized by North Carolina General Statutes, Section 127A, NC State Defense Force members are an all-volunteer, pro-government, non-partisan civil defense force comprised of current and formerly serving military, police, first responders, and other like-minded legal US citizens of all races, colors, ethnicities and religions, who pledge to fulfill an oath like all military and police take to “defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic” and to protect and serve the citizens of North Carolina according to the NC State Constitution in times of need such as natural disasters or local threats to law and order.

The NC State Defense Force is a strong and growing all-volunteer civic organization, providing civilian readiness training. We are postured for effective responses to natural disasters, search and rescue objectives, security needs, and aim to support law enforcement, EMS and Emergency Management personnel when needed or required.  NCSDF members bring a wealth of experience, training and resources to bear in times of civic need. We are an active, diverse membership who share a passion to serve our communities and defend our civil liberties.

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