NC State Defense Forces Volunteer to Help Wake County GOP with Event Overwatch

NC State Defense Forces Volunteer to Assist Local Families on Flag Day

In line with its mission to provide safety and security to the citizens of North Carolina in times of need, the NC State Defense Forces were present at the Flag Day Patriot’s Picnic organized by Wake County GOP in commemoration of this year’s Flag Day celebration. The event which was held at 8008 Old Stage Road, Raleigh, NC 27603 had about 400 people in attendance including prominent Wake County Republicans, families and friends.

This year’s Flag Day celebration featured the delivery of speeches from several Wake County GOP candidates running for office on the topic of Constitutional Rights enjoyed by US Citizens. There was also entertainment and provision of food and drinks for all attendees. The NCSDF members were present throughout the event to provide security as well as maintain law and order for smooth running of the event.

NC State Defense Forces

About NC State Defense Forces

The NC State Defense Forces are an all-volunteer, pro-government, non-partisan civil defense force comprising formerly serving military, police, first responders and other like-minded legal US citizens of all races, colors, ethnicities and religions, who pledge to fulfil an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

NCSDF lives and operates by the spirit of its slogan which is Parati Servire – Ready to Serve. NCSDF members are often found at forefronts during natural disasters, civil unrest and other emergencies providing support and relief to the affected members of their communities. The organization has a mandate to protect and serve the citizens of North Carolina according to the NC State Constitution in various protective capacities and in times of need such as natural disasters or local threats to law and order.

NCSDF members have a steadfast mission to help ensure the safety of the communities they stand guard in, assist local and federal law enforcement when needed or requested and assist their communities in times of civil emergencies or disasters. Members are provided access to FEMA CERT training, Infragard and Cyber awareness training and more.

The NC State Defense Force is a strong and growing all volunteer civic organization, providing civilian readiness training. They are postured for effective responses to natural disasters, search and rescue objectives, security needs, and aim to support law enforcement, EMS and Emergency Management personnel when needed or required.  NCSDF members bring a wealth of experience, training and resources to bear in times of civic need.

Do you need assistance for your event security or interested in joining the largest and most reputable all-volunteer civil organization in North Carolina? You can learn more about NCSDF by visiting their official website at

NC State Defense Forces Volunteer to Serve Community
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