Special Forces Veteran Trying To Help US Citizen and Family Escape Afghanistan


The North Carolina State Defense Forces are requesting assistance to help US citizens and veterans from North Carolina who are still left behind in Afghanistan after the reprehensible, poorly executed pullout of US forces in Afghanistan which has left tens of thousands of US citizens and Afghani citizens who helped US forces and its allies over the past twenty years. 

If you have any information on available resources, can donate funds yourself or know of any corporate donors who are willing to assist NCSDF and its allies in helping to facilitate emergency evacuations from Kabul Afghanistan and other key cities in the country where we currently have approximately 15,000 US citizens currently stuck and unable to evacuate due to the dangerous and rapidly deteriorating situation on the ground, please contact NCSDF via the information contained in this press release. 


The dual mission of the NC State Defense Force is to provide an organized, trained, disciplined, rapid response volunteer team (CERT) to assist citizens, state and local government agencies or civil relief organizations during emergencies or natural disasters AND to ensure the welfare, freedom, and safety of North Carolina citizens serving in support and defense of the United States and North Carolina State Constitutions. 

NCSDF has a steadfast purpose to help ensure the safety of the communities they stand guard in, assist local and federal law enforcement when needed or requested, and assist their communities in times of emergencies or disasters by providing deployable CERTs.

Their mottos are “Parati Servire” which means “Ready to Serve” and “Facta Non Verba” which means “Deeds, Not Words.”

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